Environmental Colloquium

The Environmental Colloquium is a discussion area for researchers, students and practitioners working in the field of environmental and resource policies. In the monthly colloquium, theoretical and empirical texts are discussed and research projects, master theses and dissertations are presented.

Unless stated otherwise, the Environmental Colloquium is held in English.

Nächste Termine:

Mon, 21 November, 5 – 6.30 pm: A history of Ecological Economic Thought, book presentation by Marco Vianna Franco, moderation: Clive Spash
Where: Conference Room of the IPW, NIG, 2nd floor; Universitätsstraße 7

Tues, 6 December, 5 – 6.30 pm: Degrowth & Strategy, with the editors of Degrowth & Strategy
Where: Mensa, Alte WU

Tue, 11 January, 4 – 5.45 pm: Energy transition and green extractivism, Kristina Dietz and Felix Dorn (in German)
Where: This is also a ie talk which can be attended online.