Societal transformation towards socio-ecological sustainability

The project aims at systematically collecting and analyzing all the knowledge in the social sciences and humanities that are currently dealing with the topic of societal transformation or transition towards socio-ecological sustainability. On the one hand, this has the purpose of gaining a systematic overview of the various research fields and international researchers' networks that deal with these central topics, and on the other hand, it serves to achieve a conceptual clarification with regard to the various fields of use and application of the concept of transformation or transition in the social sciences and humanities.

The project serves as a preliminary study for the preparation of further activities in the social sciences and humanities within JPI CLIMATE and as an Austrian contribution to the JPI CLIMATE Fast Track Activity (FTA) on 'Scoping and Reviewing SSH contributions to climate change research', as decided by the JPI CLIMATE Governing Board (GB) at its meeting on May 12, 2012.

Project duration: 2012–2013
Project management: Univ-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand, Institute for Political Science, University of Vienna