Developmental Tendencies of Capitalism

The colloquium "Developmental Tendencies of Capitalism" (DToC) was founded in the winter semester 2016 out of the research group Critical State, Governance and Globalization Studies. The colloquium focuses on the crisis nature of capitalism not only as an economic system, but as a societal order. Therefore, current contemporary diagnoses and social development tendencies are discussed within the framework of the colloquium.

The DToC Colloquium aims to be a counterpoint to the thematic isolation and specialization of different subfields of the social sciences. To this end, three books per semester that venture a diagnosis of the current social conjuncture are presented and discussed within the framework of the DToC Colloquium.

In recent years, the following books have been discussed, among others: "Global inequality" (Milanovic, 2016), "The Capital of the State" (Mazzucato, 2014), "Platform Capitalism" (Srnicek, 2016), "Affective Capital" (Penz/ Sauer, 2016) "In the Ruins of Neoliberalism" (Brown, 2019), "The Twittering Machine" (Seymour, 2019), "The Care Crisis" (Dowling, 2021), "Against Cruelty" (Segato, 2021)