Capitalist Transformations in East Central Europe since the Great Recession: What Do We Know? What Have We Missed?

Dorothee Bohle und Ulrich Brand

There is a broad consensus that capitalism in East Central Europe, which was characterized by relatively radical forms of neoliberalism, has changed since the Great Recession. Yet there is little consensus on what is at the core of this transformation, and how far-reaching the changes have been. Reviewing recent literature on East Central European capitalism, the presentation asks three related questions.

  1. If neoliberalism has implied the retreat of the state from economic roles, does the recent return of the state in the economy herald the end of neoliberalism?
  2. Is there a causal rather than merely incidental relationship between transforming capitalism and the turn to authoritarian politics?
  3. How to make sense of right-wing governments’ double attack on liberalism as a force of economic disposession and, simultaneously, as an advocate of political emancipation of women, ethnic and sexual minorities, and migrants? Rather than fully fledged answers, the presentation develops propositions to inspire new research on capitalist diversity on Europe’s periphery.

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Datum: 15. November 2021, 16:00 – 18:00
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