Futures of work. Latin America between technological innovation and crisis

IPW-Lecture by Juan Grigera (King´s College/Paul Lazarsfeld Professorship, ipw, Universität Wien)

Moderation: Tobias Boos (ipw, Universität Wien)

The lecture will analyse critically the discussion of the different trends that will determine the future of work in Latin America; it reviews the hypothesis that places the impact of technological change at the center of the explanation of changes in the future of work. It will also  discuss the studies on the potential impact of these technological transformations on the world of labor, in terms of employment levels, the quality of work, as well as the dimensions of  control and labor discipline. After criticising the conclusions and placing them in context it will attempt an explanation of their importance as ‚myths‘.

Die Veranstaltung wird hybrid abgehalten.

Datum: 27. Oktober 2021, 17:00 – 18:30
Ort: Universität Wien, Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Hörsaal 1 (H1), NIG 2.Stock (hybrid)