Sofia Zaragocin Carvajal, PhD

Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. Paul Lazarsfeld Professorship im Bereich Internationale Politik / Forschungsverbund Lateinamerika, SS 2022.

Sofia Zaragocin Carvajal holds a Paul Lazarsfeld Visiting Professorship at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the area of International Politics / Research Network Latin America for the period 17-30 June 2022.
The Paul Lazarsfeld Professorship was created by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Vienna and is awarded to outstanding scholars with an innovative profile in the areas of theory and methodology in the empirical social sciences. The guest professorship usually includes a course in the doctoral programme in Social Sciences with a particular focus on advanced methods training and a public lecture at the inviting department.

Course SS22 at the University of Vienna:

Since 2018 Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador
2017 Research Associate and visiting professor, Dept of Gender Studies FLACSO- Ecuador
2016 Research Associate, Dept of Space and Population, University of Cuenca

2018 Postdoctorate, Cambridge University
2016 PhD Geography, Cambridge University
2012 Mphil Multi-disciplinary Gender studies, University of Cambridge
2007 MA Gender studies, FLACSO (Latin American Institute of Social Sciences)
1999 – 2003 BA Political Science, University of Pennsylvania



Kategorie: Gastwissenschafter*innen
Datum: 17. Juni 2022 – 22. Juni 2022
Ort: Universität Wien