Juan Grigera, MSc. PhD

King’s College London. Paul Lazarsfeld Professorship, Research Network Latin America, WS 2021.

Juan Grigera holds a Paul Lazarsfeld Visiting Professorship at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the area of International Politics / Research Network Latin America for the period 22.-29. October 2021.

The Paul Lazarsfeld Professorship was created by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Vienna and is awarded to outstanding scholars with an innovative profile in the areas of theory and methodology in the empirical social sciences. The guest professorship usually includes a course in the doctoral programme in Social Sciences with a particular focus on advanced methods training and a public lecture at the inviting department.

Course WS 2021 at the University of Vienna:

Juan Grigera, PhD in History/Political Economy, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paul Lazarsfeld Visiting Professor in the Research Field of International Politics/Research Network Latin America, University of Vienna;
Lecturer in the Political Economy of Development, King’s College London;
Honorary Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Americas

Research Interests:
Structural change brought by deindustrialisation, particularly including premature deindustrialisation and novel forms of automation;
Social conflict and its socioeconomic impact;
BigData, Artificial Intelligence and digital methods in the social sciences

Kategorie: Gastwissenschafter*innen
Datum: 22. Oktober 2021 – 29. Oktober 2021
Ort: Internationale Politik