Mexico’s diplomacy towards Austria (2007-2023)

Taller with Edna Roque / UNAM

Moderation: Ulrich Brand, Research Network Latin America

This postgraduate research project studies the diplomacy of Mexico towards Austria from 2007 to 2023, and analyzes the bilateral relationship from a political, cultural, and economic perspective. In this way, the master’s thesis presents the dialogue of interests between the two countries during the last decade, distinguishing the relevance of foreign trade, and the role of cultural diplomacy in Mexican foreign policy.

Edna Roque will share the current state of her research project, through a brief presentation of the methodological quadrant, as well as the composition and progress of each chapter that comprises the thesis. Explaining the importance of the research stay at the University of Vienna; its relevance to the project, and the methodology she has followed to collect information. Edna Roque will present not only the findings and the outcomes that she has achieved during her stay, but also the challenges she has faced.

Edna Roque is a research Fellow during winter term 2023/24 within the Research Network Latin America at the Faculty of Social Science/Department of Political Science, University of Vienna. She a specialist in International Politics and regional economic integration of Mexico with North America (USMCA) and the European Union (EU-Mexico FTA). She has experience in foreign trade matters between Mexico and Germany, as well as in the analysis and researching of the relationship between Mexico and Austria, and cultural diplomacy in Mexican foreign policy.

The workshop will be held in English.

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Kategorie: Workshop / Taller
Datum: 5. Februar 2024, 13:00–14:00
Ort: Universität Wien, Institut für Politikwissenschaft, NIG, Konferenzraum IPW (A222), 2. St.