Mag. Mag. Johannes Waldmüller, PhD

FLACSO, Ecuador. Gastprofessur im Bereich Internationale Politik / Forschungsverbund Lateinamerika, WS 2021-SS 2022

Johannes Waldmüller holds a Visiting Professorship in Latin American Studies / Research Network Latin America at the Faculty of Social Sciences / Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna, summer term 2022.

Courses WS21 / SS22 at the University of Vienna:

PhD in Development Studies, equivalent PhD in Anthropology and Sociology of Development, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), Geneva, Switzerland
PhD Philosophy 2003 – 2009, University of Vienna, Austria
Visiting Professor and Doctoral Committee Member, Faculty of Management Studies, National Polytechnic University (EPN), Quito
Associate Research Professor, Political Science and International Relations, Universidad de Las Américas (UDLA), Quito
Visiting Professor and Laboratory Manager, Development, Territorial and Environmental Studies, FLACSO, Ecuador

Thematic focus:
International Politics; Political Economy; Political Ecology; Development Politics; Sustainability Studies; Decolonial and Post-Colonial Studies; Intersectionality; Gender and Race; Food & Health Studies; Interculturality; Indicators, Rankings and Governance Studies; Human and Nature Rights; Political Ecology; STS; Social Vulnerability

Regional Focus:
Andes: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Madagascar
South Asia: India, Nepal
Eastern Europe: Romania, Bosnia

Kategorie: Gastwissenschafter*innen
Datum: 1. Oktober 2021 – 30. Juni 2022
Ort: Internationale Politik