Call for Applications for Visiting Professorship in Latin American Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences / Department of Political Science, University of Vienna / summer term 2023

The University of Vienna strengthens its international contacts by employing Visiting Professors. Therefore the Research Network Latin America invites to apply for a Visiting Professorship in Latin American Studies.
The Visiting Professorship is entrusted with the teaching of two courses amounting to four semester hours per week (1 Master course and 1 Bachelor course) in the summer term 2023.
The courses will be held in block form over a period of 3 months.
The Visiting Professorship also includes a public lecture at the inviting department.

Language of instruction: German and/or English
Period: March/April – May/June 2023 (block form over a period of 3 months)
Remuneration: € 8000,- flat fee

a. Post-doctoral experience at a university or another research institution
b. Innovative profile in the fields of theory and methodology in empirical social sciences
c. Teaching experience in the field of Latin American studies
d. Excellent pedagogical and didactic skills and high quality of teaching
e. Relevant scientific publications
f. Excellent command of written and spoken English, Spanish and/or Portugues desired

Expressions of Interest should be sent to by 25 of July 2022 and should include the following information:
a. Letter of motivation (English), including working titles for possible Master and Bachelor courses (one course each). It should also contain a few sentences about why his/her expertise might provide an important theoretical and/or methodological addition to the study programme in Political Sciences.
b. Academic CV with current affiliation and research focus
c. List of publications
d. Short description of previous teaching experience

The process for selecting one person for the professorship has been assigned to the Research Network Latin America. The final decision on the nomination will be made in consultation with the Head of the Department of Political Science and the Head of the Studies Programme. The professorship is administered by a team from the Research Network Latin America and the Department of Political Science.

Kategorie: Calls
Datum: 5. Juli 2022 – 26. Juli 2022
Ort: Universität Wien, Institut für Politikwissenschaft