Current right-wing mobilizations in Latin America

5. Taller with Sabrina Fernandes/Universidade de Brasilia and Laurin Blecha/University of Vienna 

In our next taller de investigación we will discuss current right-wing mobilizations in Latin America. We will try to identify differencies and similarities between recent mobilizations, actors in different countries and the issues they engage with. As a starting point for our discussion Sabrina Fernandes (Senior Research Fellow, University of Vienna/Universidade de Brasilia) and Laurin Blecha (University of Vienna/Ibero-American Centre, Metropolitan University Prague) will give some brief insights into their recent research on Brazil and Costa Rica. Afterwards we will discuss the topic of right-wing mobilizations in Latin America departing from our own research.

Kategorie: Workshop / Taller
Datum: 21. Juni 2021, 17:30–18:00
Ort: Online