Nature-based Solutions – for What and for Whom?


2020 has been dubbed a „super year“ for nature and biodiversity, offering major opportunities within the United Nations System and its partners to bring nature back from the brink. Recently, Nature-based Solutions (NbS) has taken centre stage as a key idea to address both environmental and societal challenges. Throughout this year, decision-makers will face key moments to strengthen the global environmental governance regime, which includes, among others, the agreement on next 10-year plan at COP 15 on Biodiversity and the pending decision on the rules for carbon markets at COP 27 on Climate.

Camila Moreno will reflect upon the timeline for 2020 and how NbS are defined and embedded in this process; then she will look at how it interacts with the mainstreaming of the hegemonic narrative of a new economic thinking (towards a circular, low carbon, green, bioeconomy, etc) and novel financial instruments that can capture, leverage and mobilize Natural Capital. Aligned with the political momentum and emergency call for “action” – on climate and on biodiversity/extinction – it is paramount that we take into account for What and for Whom Nature-based Solutions are being promoted.

Lecturer: Camila Moreno, Universidad Federal Rural de Rio de Janeiro
Discussant: Alice Vadrot, Universität Wien
Moderation: Tobias Boos, Universität Wien

Kategorie: IPW Lectures
Datum: 20. March 2020, 15:30 – 18:30
Ort: Online