Amazon – a virgin rainforest?

Latin America Colloquium (on site) with Juliana Lins, Brazil

Much is known about the importance of the Amazon Forest, the largest tropical forest on the planet, the importance of supporting its preservation and valuing the life and culture of the people who live there. However, little is said about the Amazon being a cultural forest,in which part of its biodiversity has been shaped by millennia of interaction between indigenous peoples and the forest. This long-term forest management did not destroy the forest, on the contrary, in some cases, it increased biodiversity.

In this colloquium you will have the opportunity to learn more about the philosophy and the way of living of Amazonian indigenous peoples as well the perspectives brought by the newly created Ministry of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil.

Juliana Lins is a Biologist and indigenist. As an Intercultural Research Analyst, she was a member of the Socioenvironmental Institute (ISA) in Northwest Brazilian Amazonia. During her Masters, she worked with ethnobiology researches, with interfaces in archeology. Actually, she is hosted by the German Climate Alliance as an International Climate Protection Fellow by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Silvia Jura is responsible for Climate Justice and the cooperation with indigenous partners in Amazonas for the Climate Alliance. The cultural and social anthropologist is also a board member of the Opaoká Institute in Brasilia and supervises a Shanenawa women’s project in Acre. She lives between Brazil and Austria.

The Colloquium has been organized by the Research Network Latin America in cooperation with Climate Alliance and Austrian Latin America Institute.

More information:

Kategorie: Latin America Colloquium
Datum: 13. March 2023, 16:30–18:00
Ort: Universität Wien, Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Konferenzraum IPW (A222), NIG, 2. St.